Myth Busters: Waist Trainers

By John Krueger (About the Author)


How many times have you walked into a gym, or scrolled down your social media timeline and seen someone wearing a waist trainer or weight loss belt? How many times have you seen this individual preaching the benefits and how much weight they have lost or how this product has shrunk their waists?

The popularity of these things has skyrocketed recently due to promotion from celebrities like the Kardashian’s. This idea of a glorified corset shrinking your waist and helping shed real pounds is humorous. It is important to realize that the only thing this product does is cause you to sweat more by trapping in heat around your midsection. Therefore, the only real weight you are losing is water weight, which will be regained after you hydrate. This can be compared to when combat sport athletes walk around in a trash bag pre-competition to cut dramatic amounts of weight. The other issue with waist trainers is the actual harm they can have on your body by shifting your internal organs due to the restriction/tightness of the belt/harness. So do yourself a favor and save your money and your pride by not investing in one of these marketing gimmicks.