High Intensity Lower Body

Power Lower Body Day



Notes: Be sure to properly warm up, including warm up sets working up to the weight you plan to use for the 5 working sets. Do not just load the barbell and perform your sets right away. Choose whatever grip you are most comfortable with when doing these.


Barbell Romanian Deadlifts; 4 sets of 6 rep.

Notes: Be sure to maintain a slight bend in your knee, and focus on pushing your hips back to the wall behind you as you lower the weight before explosively returning to the starting position.


Barbell Hip Thrust superset w/ Kneeling Plyo Jumps; 3 set of 5 reps each.

Notes: Set up a bench against a stable surface like a wall or a rack to ensure it does not move mid-set. You can also wear a mini band around your upper knee for added intensity. After completing the set amount of reps on hip thrusts move on to the plyo jumps. Start on the ground in a kneeling position, explode off the ground and land in a squat position. Perform 5 reps.