High Intensity Low Volume Lower Body

Power Lower Body


Barbell Front Squats; 5 sets of 1 rep.

Notes: Be sure to properly warm up, including warm up sets working up to the weight you plan to use for the 5 working sets. Do not just load the barbell and perform your sets right away. Choose whatever grip you are most comfortable with when doing these; weather it be front rack, arms crossed, or using lifting straps.


Barbell Romanian Deadlift; 4 sets of 6 reps each.

Notes: Perform 6 heavy Romanian deadlifts or stiff leg deadlifts using a barbell. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine, and squeeze your butt at the end of each rep.


Reverse Speed Lunge superset w/ Kneeling Step Ups; 3 of 6 reps each.

Notes: Perform the lunges with a slow eccentric or lowering portion and explode up off your front foot as if you were going to jump off one leg (do not actually jump) before beginning the next rep. Follow these up by performing step ups from your knees. To perform these start by sitting on the ground on both knees, step on leg in front of you to a standard kneeling position and stand up off the front leg. After each rep return to the starting position to begin again. These can be done unloaded or loaded.