"Phenomenal trainer. Very knowledgeable about fitness and good at what he does. Also a good people person. Would recommend to anyone." - Jacob R.

"John is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer, and can help you get started on your goals no matter what your current fitness level or experience. I've been training with him for almost a year and I've definitely noticed results both physically and mentally. You get out of training what you put into it, but John is definitely there to guide you on the way." -Shaquan P.

"It has been pleasure to have John as a personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he is doing. John is very attentive to his trainee's needs and comments. He is great at designing workouts based on your goals and leading you towards success. Finally, he is very friendly, and dedicated." -Artem B.

“John is an awesome trainer - the kind of guy that you love to hate. In the moment, I always wonder how I can keep going when he says ‘one more set’ for the third time, but he continuously pushes me past the limits that I set for myself. Training is never boring since he’s always switching things up, which definitely helps with motivation.” -Sharonda M.

“John is great to work with! He provides a comfortable atmosphere while still pushing you to your limits. Plus, his rates are affordable for people of means.” - David B.

“John is very professional and is always showing me and motivating me to push myself more , I been working out here going on two months and all I can say is that I feel healthier and better . John is great I highly recommend him” - Jhonny A.

“I've never been a gym person & no matter how hard I tried to be, I just couldn’t stay motivated. Since meeting John, I've been able to stay focused on working out, especially because he holds you accountable and creates a safe/energetic environment for you to workout in. Now, I feel empowered to go home and do some of the exercises he's taught me, and in just a few weeks, I've already seen changes in my body. 12/10 would recommend!” - Kimberly J.