Complex Day

Complex Day

I typically perform complex workouts almost as an active recovery day. This allows me to still get a workout out in, while also keeping intensity down but heart rate up. Each exercise in the circuit is performed back to back with no rest in between, at the end of each circuit you may rest as needed. 4 Rounds per circuit. 


Circuit 1: Dumbbell SLDL (3-5 Reps) + Dumbbell Snatch (5 Reps per side) + Dumbbell Pistol Squat (5 Reps per side)

Notes: Perform a set of single leg deadlifts, followed by a single arm dumbbell snatch into a loaded pistol squat. If you need to perform all the snatches first per side before moving onto the pistol squats that is fine as well. If you can not perform a standard Pistol Squat (I cannot) then lower the progression by sitting onto a box or a bench.


Circuit 2: Barbell Overhead Press (5 Reps) + Barbell Row (5 Reps) + Barbell Roll out (5 reps) + Push Ups (5 reps) + Barbell Power Clean (5 Reps)

Notes: This circuit is more of a barbell complex (or performing multiple movements with a barbell at one time). Start with a loaded barbell that is challenging weight wise for each exercise. Perform 1 rep of an overhead press, 1 rep of the row, one roll out, one push up on the barbell, roll back and power clean the weight up and repeat the complex 5 times total. Be humble with the weight you choose and maintain strict form over each exercise.