Deadlift Day

Deadlift  Day


Barbell Conventional Deadlifts; 5 sets of 3.

Notes: Since I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, I have not followed any strength programming on deadlifts, and have since just based my lifts off how they feel for that given day.


Banded Deadlifts superset w/ HYPER-EXTENSIONS; 4 sets of 7 on deadlifts, 4 sets of 12 on HYPER-EXTENSIONS.

Notes: Loop a band or two over the barbell and focus on pulling explosively. As I have stated numerous times, adding bands to certain movements changes the resistance curve and makes it hard at the top of the movement.


Weighted Carries; 5 sets 20 yards.

 Notes: I performed the first 3 sets bilaterally with a loaded trap bar, and the last two sets unilaterally as waiters carries.