Grip Strength

Grip Strength


Rack Pulls; 4 sets of 5 reps.

Notes: Set up so that the bar is level with your knees or just below. Load the bar with maximum amount of weight you can handle for 5 reps, this should be heavier than what you can 5 rep on a conventional dead lift. Also note that in order to work you grip strength, refrain from using wrist straps.


Weighted Carries; 3 sets of 30 seconds.

Notes: These can be performed using a barbell, dumbbells, or a trap bar. Load the bar or grab dumbbells that total weight equal more than your body weight. Walk however you would like for a total of 30 seconds. These can also be performed for distance instead of time.


Offset Loaded Carries Super-set w/ Barbell Shrugs; 3 sets of 40 yards for carries, 3 sets of 15 on shrugs.

Notes: The only difference between weighted carries and offset loaded carries is how they are loaded. On the offset version, one side should be twice as heavy as the other. This is performed easier with dumbells or plates, but can also be done with a trap bar. After walking 20 yards, switch the weights to the opposite hand and walk another 20 yards. Immediately perform 15 reps on a barbell shrug. 


Single Arm Dumbbell Shrug Super-set w/ Rear Delt Fly; 3 sets of 10 on Shrugs, 3 sets of 15 on Rear Delts.

Notes: Grab a single dumbbell in one hand and shrug it how you would when holding two dumbbells, switch arms and repeat. You can perform the rear delt flies using dumbbells or a reverse pec dec machine.