High Intensity Deadlift Day



Trap Bar Deadlifts; 5 sets of 2 reps.

Notes: Focus on bar speed and rep quality over weight used. Using a trap bar is easier mechanically do to the fact the bar is higher than using a standard barbell, as well as the weight being loaded along the midline vs anteriorly with a standard bar.


Banded Trap Bar Deadlifts; 3 sets of 1 rep.

Notes: Adding a resistance band to exercises adds accommodating resistance which changes the strength curve allowing you to overload certain parts of the movement. In this case, adding a band to deadlifts makes the lock out/top portion of the movement harder.


Bulgarian Deadlift; 3 sets of 3 reps.

Notes: The set up for these is quite like how you would set up for a Bulgarian split squat. But instead of performing a single leg squat, you would instead perform a single leg deadlift. Start with light weight until you get the hang of the movement and be sure to initiate each rep with a hip hinge rather than bending through the back.