High Volume Circuits

Circuit Day

I typically perform circuit workouts almost as an active recovery day. This allows me to still get a workout out in, while also keeping intensity down but heart rate up. Each exercise in the circuit is performed back to back with no rest in between, at the end of each circuit you may rest as needed. 4 Rounds per circuit. 


Circuit 1: Pull Ups (6-10 Reps) + Push Ups (20 Reps) + Barbell Roll outs (10 Reps)

Notes: Perform a set of pull-ups for as many strict reps as you can get, immediately followed by military style push-ups, and finish with ab roll outs. The roll outs can be performed with an ab wheel or a loaded barbell.


Circuit 2: Alternating Leg V-Ups (20 Reps) + Russian Twists (30 Reps) + DB Lateral Raise to Press (30 total reps) + Cable Row (15 reps)

Notes: The ab exercises can be performed with a medicine ball or just body weight. For the lateral raise to presses, perform 15 strict reps of lateral raises and upon completion hoist them up and perform 15 dumbbell presses. 


Circuit 3: High to Low Cable Chop (12 reps per side) + Tricep Push-downs (15 Reps) + Barbell Curl (12 Reps) + Low to High Cable Chop (12 reps per side)

Notes: On both chop movements, avoid a large range a motion (chop from one hip to the other and return) and focus mainly on an explosive rotation and controlled return. The tricep push-downs can be performed using any attachment you prefer. The curls can be performed using a barbell or dumbbells.