Chest Emphasis Push/Pull

Chest Emphasis Push/Pull

Barbell Flat Bench Press; 5 sets of 3 reps.

Notes: For bench press since I am trying to improve my strength, I follow strength protocols. Typically this involves heavier weights for lower reps.



Weighted Chest Dips superset w/ Weighted Pull-Ups; 5 sets of 6 reps.

Note: Apply more emphasis to your chest on dips by leaning forward as opposed to keeping the torso vertical. On the pull ups I decided to vary the grip I used each set. I added weight by using a weight belt and attaching a weight plate.


Incline Dumbbell Press superset w/ Close Grip Pulldowns; 4 sets of 10 reps.

Notes: It is very important to train a muscle or movement through a multitude of angles. In this case I am following up a flat angle press with an incline one. Using an adjustable bench, you can typically choose from a variety of incline angles (while some only offer 1). Feel free to choose whichever one you want to perform your sets. Follow the presses up with a close grip pulldown, being sure to get a full stretch and lowering the weight to your chest each rep.


Incline Dumbbell Fly superset w/ Supinated Grip Pulldowns; 3 sets of 12 reps each.

Notes: On the flies, be sure to get a big stretch through the pecs at the bottom of the movement by maintaining a slight elbow bend, and squeeze the pecs as hard as possible at the top. Supinated grip is the same as underhand grip, same as always be sure to maintain a full range of motion.


Triple Set: Push Ups, Low to High Cable Fly, and Cable Pullovers; 3 sets of 15

Notes: After performing the pushups, set the cables to a low point. Starting with your arms at your sides, swoop the arms up and across and squeeze through your inner chest. Follow these by performing cable pullovers using a straight bar or a wide grip.