Volume Push Pull Day

Push Pull Day


Pull Ups superset w/ Cable Rows; 4 sets of 8 on pull ups, 4 sets of 12 on rows.

Notes: I like to vary my grips on pull ups throughout the sets. Perform the rows with a slow eccentric/stretch portion of the reps.


Inverted Row Superset w/ Push Ups; 4 sets of 12 reps on rows, 4 sets of 20 on pushups.

Notes: When performing inverted rows you can either keep your feet on the ground, or feet elevated to be level with the rest of your body. Follow these up by performing push ups. Perform each exercise back to back with no rest in between until you finish all the prescribed sets.


Incline Barbell Bench superset w/ Seal Rows superset w/ TYI’s; 4 sets of 8 on bench and TYI, 4 sets of 12 on rows.

 Notes: On the bench press, I used a 1 and ½ rep protocol. This means that I lowered the weight all the way, pressed halfway up, back down and all the way up. That counts as 1 whole rep, perform 8. Seal Rows are dumbbell rows performed by placing your chest on an incline bench and rowing. The TYI’s can be performed using a suspension trainer (TRX), with dumbbells or cables.