John Krueger

Contact info:

jkfitness95@gmail.com; Instagram: @JKFitness95

My Story:

My journey into fitness began as a senior in high school. I was always an athlete growing up, but never cared to step foot into a weight room or a gym. One day, I made the decision to get in the best shape of my life. I began reading workout and nutrition articles online every chance I could, and began implementing the things I learned. My drive to better myself increased as I tried to pursue becoming a college athlete (Soccer). I ended up on scholarship at a tiny school in the state of West Virginia. That is where I can say I officially became a "gym rat." Every day I would hit the weight room. I watched what I ate and even began cooking and preparing all of my meals out of my dorm room due to the unhealthy options in the dining hall. It was here where I also discovered my passion for training as well as helping and educating others. I began to train teammates and peers throughout the school year, and it was them who told me my passion for fitness and training would take me somewhere. The falling fall, I stopped attending school to follow my passion in fitness and see where it would take me. After working at a local commercial gym for the past couple years, I decided to branch out and open my own studio. Today, I am working full time as a trainer at my own gym and can truly say I love what I do. I continually try to educate myself and enhance my knowledge to become the sharpest and most well rounded trainer I can be. By doing this I can continue to help others find a love for health and exercise. This website for me is not only a way to assist others and provide quality information for them, but it is also a way for me to express my  passion in a different format.