Fasted Cardio: BS or Magic

By John Krueger (About the Author)

As many of you may have heard, doing fasted cardio is superior to non-fasted cardio when it comes to fat loss. Fasted; by definition is when you have consumed no calories (typically done first thing in the morning upon waking up), non-fasted; or when  you have consumed calories and nutrients. This must be true because all bodybuilding competitors swear by it. The reasoning behind it is that without food in your system, and no meals for a long period, your glycogen (aka energy) stores are near empty and therefore your body will resort to burning fat for energy instead. However, this is not true. When overall total energy balance is equal, or when total calorie intake and calories burned are equal, the net calorie/energy gained or lost is the same. This is not to say that either version is better or worse than the other, but do not punish yourself by doing fasted cardio because you've been told its significantly better. Instead, do whichever you prefer more. Remember to stay consistent because without consistency, you will not be able to reach your goals. 

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